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ALFREDO ROCCIA is an Italian-born architect working in London, UK. He studied architecture at the “Università degli Studi Federico II” in Naples, where he graduated in 2012. In the last ten years, he has worked in Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, where he currently lives.


Sugar House Island

ABC School

New Bridge Street House

Promises promises

Project Barbour

23 Finsbury Circus

Blackfriars Crown Court
Hackney Fashion Town

Pinners Hall

BT Project Liberty

Royal Site

One Southwark Bridge Tower

Volcani-City: Craters of life

Girifalco Fortress

Experiential Beer Garden
Lighthouse Sea Hotel
Palazzo del Cinema di Locarno
Singapore Green corridor
Tirana Lake Park Gate
Warsaw National TV headquarters
Berat Island
Wien Museum Neu
Seun Sangga citywalk
Cava House private garden
Mullerpier housing
Bao’an West Coastal Zone
Milano Bussa flyover
Beijing productive voids
Kai Tak Fantasy
Space to culture
A new centrality for Casinalbo
New school complex in Caraglio
Regeneration of Borgo Terravecchia

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