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Kai Tak Fantasy

Based on the existing situation and on the municipality’s plan to connect through a bridge the Kai Tak peninsula with the Kwun Tong waterfront, Our strategy proposes to densify the bridge with the whole program required.Having to build a bridge will anyway condition the logistics of the area. It will imply having a construction site in the middle of the water body. So why not freeing the panned site and give it back to nature? Hong Kong, the densest World city, lacks of public space and green, packed as it is with very dense and tall buildings concentrated in such a tiny little land.

The Kai Tak masterplan is a unique opportunity to give back to HK a piece ...

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​CLIENT: Energizing Kowloon East Office (EKEO)


​YEAR: 2014

​STATUS: Competition 

​PROGRAM: Bridge, Housing, Luxury housing, Exhibition, Office, Leisure, Hotel, Market, Parking

ARCHITECT: NAUTA architecture & research

TEAM: Maurizio Scarciglia, Paul Kierkels, Gladys Perez, Alfredo Roccia, Hua Xia

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