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Milano Bussa flyover

The transformation of an anonymous public space—such as a flyover—in an element that can bring identity in a neighbourhood and a city, requires an accurate consideration on the role that this apparently “detached” structure can have within a lively and dynamic housing context such as Quartiere Isola-Garibaldi in Milano. Following the key use of a flyover, namely mending two portions of a broken territory—Porta Garibaldi station railway, in this case—the new Bussa flyover aims to become the cornerstone of this place, being an active part within the life of the neighbourhood.

The proposal for its redevelopment originates from the choice of introduci...

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LOCATION: Milano, Italy

​CLIENT: Comune di Milano


​YEAR: 2014

​STATUS: Competition 

​PROGRAM: Bridge, market, sport activities, open air cinema/theatre, exhibiton, playground area, bikes parking

ARCHITECT: NAUTA architecture & research

TEAM: Maurizio Scarciglia, Alfredo Roccia, Hua Xia

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