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New Bridge Street House

New Bridge Street House is a mixed-use building consisting predominantly of upper floor office and ground floor retail located in the City of London. Site is bounded by an office building with a party wall to the north, Ludgate Cellers Substation immediately to the east parallel the Thameslink Railway tracks, a pocket park to the south (adjacent to Queen Victoria Street) and New Bridge Street (A201) to the west. Originally built in the early 20th century, it has a ground floor, six upper floors and a basement and has been refurbished during the 1980s. The proposed scheme is a refurbishment of commercial office demise while retail units at part ground floor and part basement continue trading uninterrupted.


Commercial office areas include part ground floor, part basement and full ...

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LOCATION: City of London, United Kingdom

​CLIENT: City of London Corporation


​YEAR: 2020

​STATUS: Construction

​PROGRAM: Office, Retail

ARCHITECT: Alfredo Roccia | P+W

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