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Volcani-City: Craters of life

We’re only tourists in this life,
only tourists but the view is nice.

—David Byrne, Everybody’s coming to my house

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the public space of the 21st century. Places where the ‘private’ experience becomes public domain. Tourism, above all, still represents the private activity par excellence. For this reason, we propose a plaza in which Arrecife, despite its instagrammatic beauty, will not be just a passive background in the visitors and residents experience, but rather an active force in their daily life.


OVERTOURISM vs. RESPONSIBLE TOURISMTourism in Lanzarote is like its ancient volcanic activity: just as incessant eruptions forged the territory for millions of years, allowing the island to create its...

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LOCATION: Arrecife, Spain

​CLIENT: Cabildo de Lanzarote

TOTAL SITE AREA: 1,345 sqm

​YEAR: 2018

​STATUS: Competition

​PROGRAM: Plaza, Leisure, Market, Cinema, Theatre, Culture

ARCHITECT: Aurelio Bethencourt, Alfredo Roccia

CONSULTANT: Nunzio Cava, Pedro Sanchez Reche

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