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Regeneration of Borgo Terravecchia

By virtue of a preservation work whose aim is to track the lost identity of this site, the historic urban context of Terravecchia certainly offers elaborate ideas and project themes, in its singular physical materiality, at the limit between nature and what has been produced by the hand of man. This work can be seen as the union of project actions visibly different but combined, in order to contribute, together, to the achievement of the project goals. In particular, the urban planning can be related to three spheres: contemporary architecture, conservation, landscape.


Therefore, by an urban conservation/transformation work it is possible to ...

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LOCATION: Sarno, Italy


​YEAR: 2012

​STATUS: Graduation project

​PROGRAM: Urban planning, Preservation, Residential, Public space
ARCHITECT: Alfredo Roccia

SUPERVISOR: Professor Bianca Gioia Marino (University of Naples 'Federico II'), Professor Francesco Viola (University of Naples 'Federico II')

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