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Bao'an West Coastal Zone

This project consists of the plan for the Shenzhen coast towards the Pearl river Delta, the only waterfront left in Shenzhen for re-qualification, pivot for the entire Pearl River Delta region. The project area consists on 45km coastline with a total of 1600ha, including harbor areas, two existing villages and a brand new town that will host 3.5 million inhabitants.

Our strategy focuses on landscape interventions that would solve the massi...

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LOCATION: Shenzhen, China

​CLIENT: Shenzhen Municipality

​TOTAL SITE AREA: 1,600 ha

​YEAR: 2014

​STATUS: Competition - Finalist

​PROGRAM: Public buildings, Office, Housing, Mixed-use, Tourism, Urban agriculture

ARCHITECT: NAUTA architecture & research

TEAM: Maurizio Scarciglia, Paul Kierkels, Gladys Perez, Alfredo Roccia, Hua Xia

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