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Lighthouse Sea Hotel

A lighthouse is a timeless architecture representing an eternal limit between the land and the sea. It is a strong sign on a territory and a ‘totem’, not only for seamen. From this perspective, imagining a resort on Murro di Porco coast could be quite a difficult task—excluding the lighthouse "icon." Similarly, conceiving a new, remarkable sign in this area, could be even harder, without concealing the peculiar image of that tower.

Hence the choice of a pure geometrical shape as the circle that is full of symbolism and primordial meanings like the lighthouse, but it also represents a link, between the coast and the sea. For this reason, this horizontal element establishes a back-and-forth dialog with the vertical tower, becoming soon a complementary part of the lighthouse, without passing over it in the new hierarchical system. In effect, the lighthouse stretches to the sky by nature and to the sea by its iconic light: having a circular element on its base, it strengthens its belonging to the ground.

The tower and the circle represent two radical and powerful signs able to transform themselves in a precious and active hub of the existing cultural and touristic network: the city of Syracuse, from the inner side, and the infinity of the Mediterranean Sea, on the other part.

A dual lighthouse, then: of the sea, of the land.


LOCATION: Siracusa, Italy

​CLIENT: Agenzia del Demanio, Rimini Fiera

​TOTAL SITE AREA: 4,726 sqm

​YEAR: 2016

​STATUS: Competition

​PROGRAM: Luxury Hotel, Art, Theatre

ARCHITECT: Nunzio Cava, Alfredo Roccia

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