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Pinners Hall

Designing an office building in the Mecca of contemporary financialised capitalism, such as the City of London, without sacrificing public space, can be very challenging. All the more so if the surrounding abounds in banks and financial companies, which lately mark the fate of our lives and from which we typically tend to escape from, rather than moving close to. Therefore, while replacing the 90s neoclassical triumph of the existing building, the new Pinners Hall tries to make the City a more people-oriented environment, principally by three simple moves, which also diversify its volume.


Firstly, sculptural cuts on the bottom of the building carve the façade ou...

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LOCATION: City of London, United Kingdom

​CLIENT: Confidential

​TOTAL SITE AREA: 2,388 sqm

​YEAR: 2019

​STATUS: Competition

​PROGRAM: Office, Retail

ARCHITECT: Alfredo Roccia | P+W

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