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Experiential Beer Garden

When the production changed, thanks to the evolution of the post-industrial society, such separate phenomena as culture, creativity, urban and social mobility became its focal point. The acceleration of metropolitan life with its anthropic and technological transformations have increased the interest of different cultural sectors—especially architecture—towards abandoned industrial spaces. Years ago they were hotbed of productive transformations, then they marked urban and social degradation and marginalisation, even though they still reveal traces of the past and those human and energetic resources that have produced them.


Finally, the process of deindustrialisation has employed design strategies...

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LOCATION: Castel Maggiore, Italy

​CLIENT: Villa Zarri Srl

​TOTAL SITE AREA: 2,896 sqm

​YEAR: 2017

​STATUS: Competition

​PROGRAM: Brewery, Retail, Park, Art, Education

ARCHITECT: Nunzio Cava, Alfredo Roccia

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